Aged Artisan Cheese

Each of the offerings is the heartfelt creation of the Cheesemaker from her hands to your table.


Delmar Cheese

This cheese is designed for the serious cheese connoisseur. It is a Mediterranean style cheese, handcrafted from raw milk with a natural rind. Full of robust flavors you will love.


Delmar Cheese in Olive Oil Jar Gourmet Delight in a Jar
This wonderful Gourmet Delight in a Jar has been a favorite with our customers for many years. Packed in a lovely jar that is filled with flavorful cheese, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, red peppercorns, and infused with aromatic garlic and herbs that are bathed in extra-virgin olive oil.

Autumn Harvest Cheese

Autumn Harvest:
This cheese brings in the season of Autumn here in the Endless Mountains. You will find the natural rind adds complexity and an earthy depth that is full of richness that you are sure to love!

Earthly Delight Cheese

Earthly Delight:
You will find that this creamy cheese will just melt in your mouth, reminiscent of wild woodland mushrooms with an earthy aroma. A white bloomy-rind topped with red peppercorns & herbs.

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden:
This cheese is sinfully delightful. It has a layer of fresh figs that have been marinated in the finest fig brandy, then enhanced by being wrapped in wild grape leaves that have also been marinated in fig brandy.

Mt. Laurel

Mt. Laurel:
A rich full-bodied washed rind cheese with an appetizing aroma. Best eaten when slightly runny.


This is a raw milk aged cheese, with a natural rind full of nutty flavors that you will surely enjoy.

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