Meet the Cheesemaker

The journey of an accomplished cheesemaker started with Pam's father who introduced her to fine cheeses at an early age. Her father was a wine and cheese connoisseur.

"I remember him bringing home cheeses that were from Europe and we would have our own wine and cheese tasting. I often would wonder back then, how are these cheeses made? I guess that was when the cheese seed was planted. I know my father with his very discerning taste for fine cheeses would have loved the cheeses that I make."

Pam moved from California to the mountains of Pennsylvania and began their adventure in the cheesemaking business. "I wanted to share my passion for goat cheese with others that may not have tried these wonderful cheeses before and to help them open their minds to new types that are known as artisan cheese, other than the same old cheddar."

In 1993, Pam became one of Pennsylvania's finest artisan cheesemakers. She is passionate about her craft and it shows in the variety of signature cheeses that she makes. Pam welcomes all cheese lovers to come and sample her cheese.